Arcadia Theater

One of our clients wanted to transform a historic Tyler, Texas theater into a custom office space. We converted the Arcadia Theater into a space that serves both their day to day business needs, but also has the space to host small meetings and various community events. We did all this while preserving and incorporating fundamental aspects of the historic Tyler theater into the design.

Our goal was to retain some of the design elements that were in the old theater and to try to maintain the volume of the building.

We wanted to make it a functional space and create a space that not only could be used for offices but also for other events downtown.

— Patrick Deen

What began as Tyler’s first “talking motion picture” theater in 1925, and later a coffee shop in 2005, required significant construction and renovations in 2013 to become the law office it is today.

Project: Martin Walker Law Office – Historic Arcadia Theatre
Location: Tyler, Texas
Date Completed: ?
Project Duration: ?
Approximate Cost: ?

As we converted the historic Arcadia Theater into a modern law office we did everything from building walls to literally digging up the past. Even though the theater no longer shows movies, the space still prominently displays its heritage. Smaller objects from the theater’s past like film canisters and movie reels decorate the office walls.

Even more excitingly, we found an entire bench seat and movie projector from the theater’s past. Reunited, these now make up the center point of the office.

Talk about the project timeline. What went in first. The challenges to completing the project, if there are any to talk about. And what went in last.

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